Dearest readers,

Most books are printed on what is called 'virgin' paper, a great percentage of which comes from old growth trees, the absense of which causes insurmountable damage to the environment. Furthermore, the pulp, when ground to create the paper, is bleached using Chlorine, a chemical now known to cause a carcinogenic toxin called Dioxin to build up in our system and harm the food-chain dramatically. Despite the large number of books in the world being printed, Commune's relatively minor 2,000 copies is meant to be a wake-up call to those who insist that nobody can make a difference. A better way to put it might be that everyone can not make a difference, if they only tried.

Commune's paper is made completely from pre-existing expenditures. The paper is 100% recycled from Post Consumer Waste and is bleached using Oxygen instead of Chlorine. In addition, the ink is vegetable-based, which is far more ecological than traditional offset printing inks.

As a final nod to the coming Second Industrial Revolution that will revolutionize the way we build, use, and re-use our resources, the book's delivery cost in energy is off-set by the printer's investment in wind energy. Click to learn about my printer, Tulip Graphics (AKA The Greener Printer) or its East Coast equivalent, The Greg Barber Company. These are the forward-thinkers that history will smile upon with pride.

Commune's printing was expensive and is not yet truly zero-impact, but our society is changing all the time, and I believe it is time to start bringing responsible thinking back to our way of life. If not the little people, then who? Those who seek nothing but the bottom line? If not now, when? When the poisons we've created for ourselves outweigh the resources? If not you ... why? The effort it takes to do the right thing is equal to the amount of people who actively choose not to. In a rapidly changing world that could rob you of your future plans at any given moment, to make the right decision, right now ... is truly wise.

If you are interested too, and you'd like some help, advice or just a cheerleader, I'm here.

Mr. Maxeem Konrardy
Minneapolis, MN
1:53 AM CST
July 22nd, 2006


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