Calling for Interviews!

This here is a memory bank and repository of various memories of residents current and former of the Students’ Co-op aka The University of Minnesota Students Co-op (East Bank) aka the Students’ Co-operative, Incorporated aka East River Co-op.

Attention alums and co-op residents! Former members (sometimes called co-opers) are starting an audio-only public podcast (to be distributed on Apple podcasts, YouTube and elsewhere) to document institutional knowledge of the co-op. We hope to document culture, rules, norms and memories so that we understand how the co-op has enriched lives and survived challenges for 80+ years.

Host is seeking:

1) Interview subjects:
If you have any memories and especially if you have any sense of how things operated or “worked” at the co-op from any and all eras, reach out. We’d like a nice contrast of older members from way back and newer members from right now or recently, and all in between. Framing of each episode can be determined by the interview subjects themselves, who provide what they want to contribute to these records. All episodes will be edited and sent to interviewee before release to allow for edits/changes/bleeps. Hopefully it will be kept in an amusing light-hearted way that enriches and uplifts everyone listening and participating.

2) Musical talent:
We need some musical segments. 8- to 15-second intro (with a strong first 4 seconds), 5- to 10-second interlude and 10-second outro of any style but something that embodies the co-op to you. All styles welcome, and we’ll probably be able to use almost all audio submitted by cycling submissions. No lyrics/words please, just some nice sounds, and let us know best link that lets us promote your sound (Instagram, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc). If we don’t receive this by December 1, Max will probably just put something together in Reaper and that’s not as ideal.

If you are interested in sharing, contact us.

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