This here is a memory bank and repository of various members, residents and friends (current and former) of the Students’ Co-op (LINK: www.studentscoop.org).

Former coopers started this audio-only public podcast (to be distributed on Apple podcasts, YouTube and elsewhere) in November 2021, though the first interview was technically recorded a decade earlier.

Do you live at the co-op? Did you? That’s us!

To document institutional knowledge of the co-op including memory of culture, rules, norms and general historic memories so that we understand how our community has changed lives, enriched lives and survived challenges for 80+ years.

Still what
The Students’ Co-operative, Inc. aka Amigo Club aka Libertarian Club aka East River Co-op aka Pi Sega Sega is a “sharehouse” or “group equity” intentional community est. 1940 in a former frat house built on Dakota land, and it is still ongoing today. It has also been associated at various times with NASCO.