Episode 11: Chiji

Download (160 kbps | 45 MB) Length: 52 minutes 15 seconds Guest: Chiji Ochiagha Co-op association: 2008-or-so through 2014-or-so Host: Maxeem Konrardy Notes: Check out the Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op! Check out the photographer who got this great snapshot of Chiji! Dwain Linden!

Episode 10: Jerry

Download (192 kbps | 55 MB) Length: 58 minutes 17 seconds Guest: Jerome J. Daml Co-op association: 1956-1961 Host: Maxeem Konrardy Notes: Check out Jerry’s awesome and generous contributions to the 1961 photo album!

Episode 9: Dani

Download (~128 kbps | 53 MB) Length: 59 minutes 21 seconds Guests: Dani Lind Co-op association: 1995-1998(ish) Host: Maxeem Konrardy Notes: Let’s hear about the quality of life changes that occurred in the nineties, when organic and high quality food became a priority, from one woman inspired by the house to establish a totally new… Continue reading Episode 9: Dani

Episode 4: Ian and Mark (Part 2)

Download (128 kbps | 45 MB) Length: 39 minutes 43 seconds Guests: Ian Morris and Mark Ambroe Co-op association: 1992 – 2002; living there about 3 years and 10 years respectively. Host: Maxeem Konrardy Notes: The Co-op Wars a film by Deacon Warner and Erik Esse

Episode 2: Hanna

Download (192 kbps | 37 MB) Length: 21 minutes 27 seconds Guest: Hanna Grace Hubert Co-op association: Introduced 2013; moved in 2014, and lived there about half a year. Host: Maxeem Konrardy Notes: Hanna’s food prep blog: https://studentscoopfoodprep.wordpress.com/