Episode 12: Tom

Download (160 kbps | 32 MB) Length: 26 minutes 16 seconds Guest: Tom Coughlin Co-op association: Autumn 1973 through 1974 Host: Maxeem Konrardy Notes: This episode confirms the house was not called “The Libertarian Club” but it actually was a headquarters of sorts for such, with some in the house participating in protesting legalized conscription.… Continue reading Episode 12: Tom

Episode 11: Chiji

Download (160 kbps | 45 MB) Length: 52 minutes 15 seconds Guest: Chiji Ochiagha Co-op association: 2008-or-so through 2014-or-so Host: Maxeem Konrardy Notes: Check out the Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op! Check out the photographer who got this great snapshot of Chiji! Dwain Linden!

Episode 10: Jerry

Download (192 kbps | 55 MB) Length: 58 minutes 17 seconds Guest: Jerome J. Daml Co-op association: 1956-1961 Host: Maxeem Konrardy Notes: Check out Jerry’s awesome and generous contributions to the 1961 photo album!

Episode 1: RT Ravenholt

Download (192 kbps | 58 MB) Length: 41 minutes 45 seconds Guest: Reimert Thorolf Ravenholt Co-op association: Moved in 1944, and lived there 4 or 5 years. Hosts: Charles Lehnen & Maxeem Konrardy (Jilla Nadimi may be heard in the background) Show Notes: Ravenholt’s personal web site: https://ravenholt.com Few years have mattered more in the… Continue reading Episode 1: RT Ravenholt

Calling for Interviews!

This here is a memory bank and repository of various memories of residents current and former of the Students’ Co-op aka The University of Minnesota Students Co-op (East Bank) aka the Students’ Co-operative, Incorporated aka East River Co-op. Attention alums and co-op residents! Former members (sometimes called co-opers) are starting an audio-only public podcast (to… Continue reading Calling for Interviews!

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