Episode 2: Hanna

Download (192 kbps | 37 MB) Length: 21 minutes 27 seconds Guest: Hanna Grace Hubert Co-op association: Introduced 2013; moved in 2014, and lived there about half a year. Host: Maxeem Konrardy Notes: Hanna’s food prep blog: https://studentscoopfoodprep.wordpress.com/

Episode 1: RT Ravenholt

Download (192 kbps | 58 MB) Length: 41 minutes 45 seconds Guest: Reimert Thorolf Ravenholt Co-op association: Moved in 1944, and lived there 4 or 5 years. Hosts: Charles Lehnen & Maxeem Konrardy (Jilla Nadimi may be heard in the background) Show Notes: Ravenholt’s personal web site: https://ravenholt.com Few years have mattered more in the… Continue reading Episode 1: RT Ravenholt