100% Earth Based

Everything we do is based on Earth.

If we pollute the sources, we pollute ourselves.

Our biggest outstanding debt is not to a country or a government but to a planet.

We need to legislate new commitments to nature in four of our major behaviors.


The construction and deconstruction of buildings is the world’s largest creator of pollutants.

Condos. You’ve seen them popping up everywhere, gentrifying neighborhoods with flashy design and poorly constructed materials. The materials are not checked for their sources and their environmental impact is not accounted for. They start to fall apart the minute residents begin living in them. If we can’t design a building that can be constructed, run and dismantled correctly, we shouldn’t build it.

Building companies should not be rewarded for failing occupancy requirements, pushing a broken housing solution on cities, abandoning their projects to landlords at the first chance and forcing subsequent generations to take the hike in living cost and toxic fall out — just to make money for a few short-term thinkers.

Nowhere in the process from construction to daily operation to building failure is there oversight of the building’s impact on nature. That has to change.

Our first commitment should be to legislate all building constructions in urban centers to be beyond LEED certified and to create a new certification that forces buildings to be considerate of the building’s ecological impact all the way to the end of their life cycle, which is when their non-toxic remains are transported off premises. And it must be made affordable to choose healthy buildings first, instead of constantly driving people into less healthy, livable space.


In a consumerist economy, packaging and material choices have the single worst impact on everything we do to survive.

Faith has been misplaced in the concept of corporate competition. Critical ecological choices have been reduced to a fad for the rich. The four R’s have failed. Reuse, Recycle or even Upcycle waste all you want. Most product material does not make it to any facility except one where it will get burned, melted or buried. The recycling mandate of the 1990’s was a delay gambit and it has literally crashed and burned, and is now choking our air and our soil of pure nutrients.

Once more a vast problem is placed on the shoulders of a population that has absolutely no way to cope with the burden.

Innovators have developed 99.99% safe metals, bio-degradable plastics and adhesives of enormous diversity and usefulness but these solutions are being ignored because of government-mandated pressures on corporations to survive on profit alone. The playing field must be redefined but every storefront for McDonald’s, Burger King, Wal-Mart, Target and Dollar General cannot merely be disqualified, fined or coerced into change with typical carrot-and-stick abuses.

We need new legislation to eliminate the waste stream and subsidize existing companies with updated material sources.

Our second commitment should be to legislate that restaurants and stores above a designated customer population threshold cannot source their materials nor products unless the packaging and product itself is completely non-toxic and biodegradable, and corporations will be permitted to build a case for the size of the subsidy they will require to make the transition.

We must do this before the world is trapped in the same patterns that trapped China and other countries in cycles of horrific environmental abuses.


Permaculture must be protected.

The world is vegetarian. Everyone eats plants or beings that eat plants. We need to reassess the concepts of monocropping and the overuse of pesticides or plants with artificially added toxins using GMO. Traditional methods before industrialized agriculture and permaculture are already the solution. But we need to make an extra commitment to protecting those farmers who use those methods and are pressured by Blackwater/Xe/Monsanto/Beyers and other monolithic corporations. Pharmaceutical Medicine is an urgent need of the world, but it has also been corrupted by those who have lost sight of the concept that it exists first and foremost to create health, not to invent brand loyalty.

The plants we grow might be one area where we cannot permit the profit motive to be the driving factor of its creation.

Let’s ban advertising for food and medicine.

Our ignorance about our own food and medicine have been thoroughly destroyed by Coca Cola and pharmaceutical companies who invade schools, medical institutions and the media to push profits instead of making people well. A diet consistent with a person’s tradition and needs is the best preventative medicine. So it must be guaranteed to all people equally, and not turned into a fashion competition or crises of lifetimes of poor eating.

We must assess and regulate the success of food and medicine companies based on the health of consumers rather than the success of their advertising. Our third commitment should be to remove food and medicine from advertising and offer basic education about clean water and indigenous foods in all schools in the country.


Money is an invention whose design is structured by government.

It can literally be anything we design it to be. Money can even be a fiction that everyone believes. Money can be structured around a particular purpose, and right now it is designed around the purpose of rewarding the money system itself for being the most psychopathic and greedy. It is not rewarding people for creating health on the Earth or in its inhabitants but it just as well could.

Let’s make money about following the three primary commitments.

Our fourth commitment will be to always structure our money system to reward people for creating healthy systems instead of rewarding just those people running systems that move the most amount of fictional numbers around. The money system can be included as the fourth commitment once it shows usefulness to that purpose rather than displaying enmity towards it.

Once this is done, the “national debt” will disappear because we have redefined our priorities as a species to be stewards of the planet rather than stewards of parasitic abstract fictions.

Command your government and tell them what to do. It is not their business to do anything else.

If anyone in government has lost their respect for Earth and for life, then they should be reminded how much they don’t need a job as much as they need life.

We are humanity.

We are capable of making all life on the world thrive.
If you are unsure who to reach out to, talk to a young person in your community and remind them of the importance of life and of their power to protect it.